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march 2017
“i’d rather be lucky than good.”

late last summer, during the very early stages of south florida’s annual mullet run, i spent a morning walking the beach at hobe sound national wildlife refuge. it was a clear, calm morning and the surf was full of mullet, snook, and small jacks. once the sun rose high enough to backlight the surf, i started shooting the schools of mullet and jacks that could be clearly seen as the waves crested on the outside bar.

as i headed back towards my truck after a few hours of shooting, i spotted something larger swimming along the outside of the bar. it looked like a small bottlenose dolphin and i raised my camera thinking i might get lucky and catch it in the crest of a passing wave. sure enough, the ‘dolphin’ turned towards the beach and i started shooting. as it turned down the wave i realized it wasn’t a small dolphin and i started praying that i had managed to capture the right moment. in a stroke of unbelievable luck, i had captured a┬ábeautiful tarpon just as she turned broadside to the camera and just as her dorsal fin broke the surface of the wave. it’s a moment, and a photograph i’ll never forget.

-josh idol

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